Mystic Perspective, Through Foggy Lens. How to See Clearly Again

2021 seems like an extremely hopeful and positive year. But we should not let our guard down. Masks will be in place for the next little while before we can fully remove it and smell the fresh air again. With no doubt wearing masks is a nuisance – leaving sore marks on the back of the ears, having a hard time breathing in them, skin outbreaks, but most of all, fog up the lenses in the glasses, obstructing the vision.

Believe it or not, there are ways to keep your glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask. Do not let the frustration get to you, especially when you are already handling other pressures. Stay positive!

Why do the glasses fog up? When warm air hits a cool surface, condensation forms. Your warm breath escapes the top of the mask, which comes in contact with the cold lens surface and fogs up.

Here are a few tips to prevent your lenses from fogging.

1) Make sure the mask is a good fit and is tight over the nose. Pull the mask high up on the bridge of the nose. Fit the glasses on top and over the mask to seal the opening gap, to prevent the bottom of the glasses positioned inside. A secure and tight fit will keep the warm air from escaping through the top of the mask. If it fails, tape the mask down around the bridge of your nose to your cheeks with sports or medical tape.

2) Spread dish soap or hand soap on the lenses and rinse it with room temperature water. Gently wipe or pat it dry with a soft cloth like tea towels, face cloth. The soap is a surfactant that acts as an anti-fog barrier.

3) Anti-fog wipes and Anti-fog sprays are available for purchase. You do have to be careful with some of the products on the market because they may damage the readily available lens treatments, ie. anti-reflection, scratch resistant coatings and material of the lens, ie. polycarbonate. Gordon Wood Optical retails local Canadian-made anti-fog sprays. Contact us for more details.

4) Anti-Fog Glacier Plus coating is available with Shamir lenses. The posterior surface of the lens, side close to our eyes, is treated with the anti-fog coating. You have to be extremely careful with cleaning the lenses, otherwise the coating will rub off. Pat to dry! This coating works the best with safety glasses and goggles. On regular glasses, the back surface coating causes a lot of ghost reflections coming from behind you, very reflective.

Contact us if you have any questions. Hopefully these tips are useful to you.

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