Digital Eye Strain

Living in the digital world, our daily dependance on screens, specifically computers, cellphones and tablets, is no less than 8 to 10 hours a day. 


Do you suffer from dry or itchy eyes, watery eyes, tired eyes, headaches, blurred vision or neck and back pain?  These are signs of the Computer Vision Syndrome, more commonly known as the Digital Eye Syndrome.  Overuse of digital devices take their toll on your eyes. 


We can overcome the Digital Eye Syndrome by:

1) Computer glasses with the appropriate tints or coatings help reduce glare and lessens the stress of your eye muscles. 

2) There are specific computer lens designs that assist your digital visual activities, by offering better sharpness with no extra effort.  When fitted properly, you will be able to focus on your screen easily without having to lean in, tilt your head, squint or strain your eyes.

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