Convenience of Clip On Sunglasses

Certain frame manufacturers make a matching magnetic clip on sunglasses.

A second choice is to purchase a ready-made, generic clip-on sunglasses; we have several suppliers of these. They are of high quality and have optical-quality polarized lenses. The only limitation is they are not available in all frame shapes and colours.

If your frame does not allow one of the above solutions, we can have a custom made clip on sunglasses constructed. These are handcrafted by skilled technicians at companies that specialize in clip on sunglasses. They are available in many different frame colours and any shape. You may also choose the lens colour you want.  These clips can be fitted to your existing frames, even if you didn't purchase them from us.

However, if you would like to have better sun coverage and save the hassle of wrestling the clip on sunglasses onto your frames, we urge you to try the FITOVER sunglasses.  They fit over your prescription eyeglass and protect your eyes completely from sunlight coming from the top, below and on the sides.

If you need clip on sunglasses, drop by and see what we have available for you.


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