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Customized Prescription Eyewear that only Focuses on Your Eyes!  Believer of premium eyewear and services, Gordon Wood Optical focuses on what is next, as reflected in our diverse collections of handpicked eyeglasses every season and up to date knowledge in lens technology.  It is our pride to provide you with the newest styles and lens technologies which continue to improve and meet the needs of a 21st century lifestyle.  We are here to guide you along every step of the process.

Some Eyewear Brands We Carry

Eyeglasses are your most personal accessory.  They are customized to your personality, appearance, prescription and measurements.  At the same time, are chosen to suit your needs and function how you would like.

Coupled with a fashion foresight, is an unwavering commitment to providing personalized care.  Our eyewear consultants and stylists are dedicated to making your experience second to none, which is why they are among the most knowledgable and caring in the industry.

See better, feel better.  Come by to experience our personalized frame and lens consultation.  Originality, authenticity and exceptional quality are the attributes we live by.



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Rimless Silhouette Eywear

Made in Austria, Silhouette Eyewear is a luxury brand where you will feel the lightness and flexibility in their titanium models. Timeless and classic styles go a long way.

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